About us

Jawid - manufacturer of wooden transport packaging

Jawid Janusz Wideński was established in 1993 and from its beginnings it specializes in production of ecological wooden transport and storage packaging, including mainly pallet collars of various sizes and a number of accessories.

We have a production plant of wooden materials, a timber mill and a metallurgical plant.
We are in possession of a constantly-modernized machinery park therefore we can use rapidly-advancing manufacturing technologies. Our new one-chamber drying facility can be a good example. It allows for specific thermal treatment of wood, thanks to which our products are made of wood that is compliant with the ISPM 15 standard. Our products are certified with the IPPC Certificate (phytosanitary certificate) which allows us to export the products all over the world.

Our qualified and experienced personnel guarantees efficient fulfilment of our main mission, i.e. providing our customers with optimal logistic solutions of high-quality wood in competitive prices. Our strong point is timely fulfilment and elastic approach to non-standard requirements of our clients. These make us a trustworthy and reliable partner and for many years we have been cooperating with big production companies, among others, from Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark.

Zakład drzewny - Przedsiębiorstwo Jawid Janusz Wideński

Office/Production Plant
ul. Spacerowa obok nr 294
43-392 Międzyrzecze Górne

tel./fax 33 815 57 55
e-mail: biuro@jawid.eu

NIP [taxpayer ID]: 547-020-36-77
REGON [enterprise ID]: 002413924