Wooden pallet collars

Pallet collars are a good example of ecological packaging that combine solidity and convenience of use. These are used for storage, packing and transport of large-size products, as well as compact components. The pallet collars can be used in various industrial disciplines. They are compatible with wooden pallets, i.e. create module systems, which allows for piling boxes of various sizes. The structure allows for easy assembly of the boxes (by the use of galvanized hinges), so that they are compact which reduces the costs of storage.

Planks which are used for production of the pallet collars are planed and underwent thermal treatment, which makes them free from any insects and blue strains. Meeting the international phytosanitary ISPM 15 standard means that our pallet collars can be used all over the world.

Wooden pallet collars with plastic angle brackets

  • increased capability of constructing transport units
  • stable and safe piling of pallets and covers on the pallet collars
  • standard dimensions of an EUR pallet (1200x800x200 mm) and a half-pallet (600x800x200 mm)
  • raw material - conifer (pine and fir)
  • sides made of one 20-mm thick plank (so-called one-plank collars)
  • galvanized hinges made of stainless steel
  • IPPC marking - yes
  • logo or name of the company - painted upon request
  • painting of planks - upon request
  • painting of hinges - upon request
  • humidity of planks - dried below 20%
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